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Keller, Peter

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Weltwoche - Switzerland | 19/05/2011

Ban on High German promotes integration

The inhabitants of Zurich and Basel on Sunday approved a popular initiative to ban High German in daycares and kindergartens, allowing only Swiss German in future. The right-wing conservative weekly Die Weltwoche sees the initiative as a boon for children from immigrant families: "No entry if you don't speak the vernacular. Anyone who wants to belong in Switzerland has to know that a Chrüsimüsi has nothing to do with breakfast cereal. ... The same educational bureaucrats who did all they could to push through early French teaching wanted to banish the vernacular from kindergartens. And that although that's the first (and often the only) opportunity for preschoolers to learn Swiss German. It's still possible for them to learn it at that age. Anyone who prevents them from learning it systematically excludes these children. Perhaps for their entire lives. Discrimination with the best intentions."

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