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Keller, Peter

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Weltwoche - Switzerland | 06/05/2010

Euro is clinically dead

The continued weakness of the euro as a result of the Greece crisis is stirring up fundamental doubts about the single currency. This prompts the weekly Die Weltwoche to criticise European integration in general: "Right from the start the euro was an economic blunder. The financial markets are revealing rather unsentimentally what was fundamentally wrong with this construct: You can't have a sensible common monetary policy for economies as disparate as the principality of Luxembourg, the industrial giant Germany and sloppy states like Portugal and Greece. The euro is a political project - and the project has failed. What they are trying to do now is revive a clinically dead euro. ... The euro is a symptom. The disease behind it is called European integration. The single currency, like the Schengen Agreement, was supposed to have been a step on the illusionary path to a United States of Europe."

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