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Kečka, Roman

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Sme - Slovakia | 12/02/2013

German traditionalist makes a modern departure

Benedict XVI's decision to end his papacy is testimony to his solid German rationality, the liberal daily Sme notes approvingly: "Even if Pope Benedict has been living in Rome for some time now he remained German in his way of thinking and views. He has a strong sense of responsibility, duty and a desire for functioning institutions. … His decision is the result of rational and practical deliberations. It will enhance his reputation rather than damaging it - in the conservative and progressive sections of the Catholic Church alike, and beyond it. Although he was always considered a traditionalist, his decision almost fits in the category of modern management decisions. Time will tell whether he has set a precedent that won't be repeated so soon or whether Ratzinger the traditionalist has created a new tradition. He has mastered the art of withdrawing when his powers are no longer sufficient to go on."

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