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Keşişyan, Vahakn

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Agos - Turkey | 26/09/2014

Moscow has no part in new alliances

Over the past three days the US military and its Arab allies have bombarded oil refineries, command headquarters and weapons stockpiles under the IS's control in Syria. But the alliance with Arab states does not just weaken the IS, the weekly paper of the Armenian minority, Agos, comments: "In August last year the US was preparing to attack the Syrian regime. Today this regime's opponent, the IS, is the US's target. But not for love of [Syrian president] Assad, but to create a vacuum by eliminating the IS. It's no secret who will fill this vacuum. The US has announced its intention of approaching the non-extremist opposition and arming it. ... Iran has given the US the green light for Syria. ... Russia will probably be the big loser here. Now that the Syrian regime has suddenly withdrawn its opposition to the US airstrikes on the grounds that it will come to terms with anyone in the fight against terrorism, and now that Iran too has distanced itself from its former position, Russia has been left all on its own."

Agos - Turkey | 19/09/2014

US leaves Mid East Christians in the lurch

US President Barack Obama met last week with Christian patriarchs from Syria, Iraq and Lebanon to discuss the threat the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) poses to Christians. But the latter can hardly expect help from the US, the weekly paper of the Armenian minority Agos complains: "As deep as the divide between Russia and the West may be, the Christians of the Middle East are no closer to the Western world. The first reason is of course confessional: most Christians in the Middle East are Orthodox, while in the West they're Protestant or Catholic. ... Now Obama has met with the patriarchs to save face and have history written in a certain way. Has that brought any advantages? ... Will the US bombing the IS guarantee the security of the Christians?"

Agos - Turkey | 06/12/2013

Putin divides Armenians

Hundreds of people protested at the beginning of the week against Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to the Armenian capital Yerevan. Armenia recently rejected the EU association agreement and decided in favour of a customs union with Russia. The weekly paper Agos, read by the Armenian minority in Turkey, sees the people as deeply divided: "Street battles have ravaged Yerevan, and the conflict has spread to the diaspora. The antagonism between Putinophobes and Putinophiles has shifted from Yerevan to Beirut, Paris and Boston, and is dividing Armenians into two groups. ... For the Putinophobes, the salvation of the Armenians lies in Europe: if Putin had never been born, Armenia would have joined the EU this year, they believe. The Putinophiles also believe the country would have joined the EU without Putin. However they also feel this would have destroyed our traditional holy family and made us all homosexual."

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