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Kechiche, Abdellatif

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Télérama - France | 12/12/2007

Movies neglect working class

In an interview by Jacques Morice on his latest film "La graine et le mulet" released this week in France, French film director Abdellatif Kechiche explains the reasons why his films deal with working-class. "People coming from working-class have always some difficulties [finding their place in society]. It's hard to climb the social ladder, to break in another culture. You always feels like you are still alienated. ... When I became a film director, I feared of being caught up by my social condition. I need to work hard to gain artistic freedom. It seems to me that it was easier before, that there was more social mixing. Films dealt more often with working-class issues. Let alone [Ken] Loach or [Robert] Guédiguian, nowadays very few filmmakers take interest into this social class. ... Movies used to unite. That has nothing to do with looking out for recipes in order to drain the largest number of filmgoers, and be so-called 'popular filmmakers'."

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