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Kazantzidis, Alexis

Intellectum, Greece

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Intellectum - Greece | 11/09/2012

Alexis Kazantzidis on the apathy of the Greeks in the face of racist violence

Members of the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn attacked several market vendors from Asia and Africa on the weekend. According to polls, support for the party has risen to 12 percent since it obtained seats in the national parliament in June. Blogger Alexis Kazantzidis expresses surprise and dismay at the apathy of Greek society on the web portal Intellectum: "A humilliated nation that tolerates a merciless witch-hunt. A nation that has turned into Europe's border guard and a guinea pig for the markets. A nation that follows the orders of those that have butchered it and is now being condemned by these same people for violating the human rights [of immigrants]. And we Greeks simply look on impassively. We are bored and indifferent spectators watching the episodes of Golden Dawn's cannibal series, a soap opera for fans of Ancient Greece and for people with no brains and shaved heads. … We are beginning to get used to the despicable. If someone dares to stand up to it he risks being lynched by the hyper-patriots of this country. He is condemned as a person without honour because he defends the 'dirty' immigrants."

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