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Kawiński, Maciej

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Wprost Online - Poland | 17/01/2012

Bible like a fantasy film

A Warsaw court on Monday convicted the singer Doda of insulting people's religious feelings. In 2009 she said in an interview that she believed more in dinosaurs than in the Bible. It is difficult to believe in something written by someone who was drunk on wine and had smoked some weed or other, she commented at the time. The journalist Maciej Kawiński comes to Doda's defence in the conservative news portal Wprost: "Every child knows the dinosaurs existed, and we have irrefutable proof that they did. The Bibel, by contrast, contains both academically proven facts and myths better suited to a fantasy film than a historical chronicle. As a result I have no problem at all with someone who believes more in dinosaurs than in the Bible. Did the authors of the Bible drink wine and smoke hash? In some cultures marijuana is believed to be a 'wisdom weed'. ... The court should regard Doda's statements as expressions of opinion and not an attempt to insult people's religious feelings."

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