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Kastriotis, Dimitris

To Vima, Greece

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To Vima Online - Greece | 03/08/2008

A conspiracy in the Siemens affair?

According to the daily To Vima those investigating the affair in which Siemens stands accused of paying bribes for government contracts, namely Germany's public prosecutors and the US stock exchange supervisory board, are pursuing their own interests: "The official version is common knowledge. Siemens ... was caught red-handed. ... Following the revelations the German public prosecutors have opened their own inquiry. ... But this news should be given a different interpretation, say those who believe the conspiracy theories. The US was dismayed by the success of European multinationals, which have been snatching away contracts from its own firms that work abroad as well as trying to make inroads into its 'home' territory. ... So the empire's administrative supervision system has been put into operation - and sometimes also that of the US Congress - to make clear who's the boss. ... But Siemens is not suicidal and refuses to confess all. The German authorities ... know what the deal is and are trying to keep things under control. They are much more interested in saving German companies than revealing the truth. The wishes of the Americans only interest them in so far as they represent a threat that cannot be ignored."

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