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Kasnyik, Márton

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1 article of this author has been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Hungary | 17/05/2015

Orbán government continues to favour the rich

According to the government's plans, Hungary's flat tax will be lowered from 16 to 15 percent next year. This is another move from which only rich taxpayers benefit, journalist Márton Kasnyik writes on the online portal "The government considers lowering income tax by one percentage point as the most important aspect of the 2016 budget. That will leave just over 100 billion forint [roughly 330 million euros] in Hungarians' wallets. The problem is, however, that wealthy taxpayers will benefit disproportionately while poorer families will hardly feel it at all. Whereas employers would much prefer a reduction of the high ancillary wage costs, the government continues to focus on favouring the rich. ... Nevertheless: all in all a total of 700 billion forint [roughly 2.3 billion euros] will remain in the pockets of Hungarian taxpayers in the form of various tax relief schemes [including one for families with two children or more]."

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