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Kaskanis, Giorgos

Journalist, Politis, Cyprus

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Politis - Cyprus | 27/01/2009

War crimes in Cyprus

The Turkish actor Attila Olgaç has admitted before running cameras that as a soldier during Turkey's invasion of Northern Cyprus he murdered ten Greek Cypriot prisoners in cold blood. A day later he retracted the statement. The daily Politis is impressed by the reactions the case has triggered in Turkey: "The most authoritative newspapers are writing that if what Olgaç said at first is true, then Turkey is guilty of war crimes. ... Simple citizens writing in blogs on the subject speak of a disgrace for their country. All of this shows that in Turkey ... not everything is determined by the dark powers of the 'deep state'. ... This should give us food for thought. What would be the reaction if a similar case were disclosed in our democratic, European Cyprus? Which newspapers would speak of war crimes in their editorials? And what would they be accused of if they dared?"

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