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Kartoğlu, Mustafa

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Star - Turkey | 12/05/2015

Erdoğan instils self-confidence in Turks abroad

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave a speech to more than 14,000 supporters in the German city of Karlsruhe on Sunday. This will boost the voter turnout of Turks living abroad in the Turkish general elections on June 7, the pro-government daily Star believes: "Erdoğan's increased interest in Turkish citizens living outside the country and the activities aimed at addressing them explain why they, in turn, are now taking more interest in Turkey. They weren't used to Turkey stepping in on their behalf. ... Because they're still viewed as foreigners in the countries in which they live. The series of murders of Turks in Germany, the rise of racist parties in countries like the Netherlands or Denmark, discrimination and politicians who fuel the fear of Islam only exacerbate their sense of being foreign and neglected. ... Turkey's engagement increases the self-confidence of Turks living in Europe. That in turn increases their political participation both in these countries and in Turkey."

Star - Turkey | 09/12/2014

Ottoman is the key to Turkish identity

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called on Monday for mandatory classes in Arabic-alphabet Ottoman language in schools. The founder of the Turkish Republic Atatürk was wrong to replace the Arab script with the Latin alphabet in 1928, the pro-government daily Star writes: "We're discussing today who discovered America, who drew the first maps and who were the first mathematicians. Because we've translated everything, even our own history, from English or French. That means we've learned our history as others decided we should learn it. As the generation of the Republic we haven't thought on the basis of our own experience but with what has been taught to us. We define ourselves through what they say to us in their language. This alphabet reform is called a revolution, but preventing us from reading our own history was unparalleled fanaticism!"

Star - Turkey | 25/03/2014

Anger over Twitter blockade is hypocritical

The Turkish government's Twitter ban has met with international condemnation. But Turkey's critics are applying double standards, the pro-government daily the Star complains: "No one worries about freedom and democracy in countries like England and Germany, yet Turkey is denounced as an authoritarian country that restricts freedoms! ... Whenever the US or Europe want them to, Google, Youtube and Twitter block questionable websites, specific content, user accounts or searches for unacceptable terms. But if such a resolution is passed in Turkey everyone complains that the rights of Turkish Twitter users are being violated. If Turkey then goes on to block access to the entire site to protect its citizens' rights, it is immediately branded as 'prohibitionist'!"

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