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Karterou, Thanasis

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Avgi - Greece | 24/06/2010

Greeks entitled to strike

Members of the Greek Communist Party and the closely affiliated trade union Pame on Wednesday staged a blockade of the ferry port of Piräus, even though a court had declared the strike illegal. The leftist daily Avgi reacts with irony to the criticism of media and ferry companies of the strike: "And they ignore or underestimate the vociferousness and the determination of the strikers as well as the reasons why ordinary people from next door, men with families, ... sacrifice their wages and quietly join the stone throwers on the streets. ... Striking is a right, but it's not supposed to disturb anyone, especially not the bosses and the government. Nor should it be considered illegal and disproportionate. Nor guarded. Moreover, at least two major media organs should be in favour, and finally - and this is the main thing - it should not be staged ... ."

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