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Karteros, Thanasis

Avgi, Kouti tis Pandoras, Greece

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Avgi - Greece | 23/01/2014

Europe ignores atrocities on its own borders

Three women and nine children died when a boat carrying Afghan and Syrian refugees capsized on Monday near the Greek island of Farmakonisi. Survivors say the accident happened as the Greek coastguard was towing the boat back towards Turkey. For the left-leaning daily Avgi, the blame lies with the Europeans: "Nils Muižnieks, the Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights, has said that he's shocked, and that this action points to mass deportation. He explained that the Greek government had committed to ending this illegal practice just a week before. Which means that the Greek government has admitted that it does this dirty work. Even if the commissioner says he's shocked - is there anyone who still thinks that Europe is not guilty? Europe has institutionalised these atrocities and long closed its eyes to the reality, hasn't it?"

Kouti tis Pandoras - Greece | 15/08/2013

Austerity drives Greeks to their deaths

A Greek youth was killed in Athens on Tuesday when he jumped from a bus to avoid being caught without a ticket. In the Greece of the austerity memoranda it was only a matter of time before such a tragedy occurred, the web portal To Kouti tis Pandoras writes: "The state and the companies are intensifying their controls. They pressure ticket inspectors to be more strict. They announce measures against fare dodgers, stage menacing campaigns and stipulate horrendous fines. All of this doesn't do any good, because a Jean Valjean [protagonist in Victor Hugo's Les Misérables] is going to steal the bread anyway simply because he has nothing to eat - regardless of what punishment he faces. ... The road we are taking cannot be judged on the basis of the measures, dumb slogans against fare dodgers and a critique of populism, but only on the basis of the number of victims it claims. That is the bitter truth. And it is a road we have been taken down without our consent and without a return ticket."

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