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Kartalis, Giannis

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To Vima Online - Greece | 06/09/2010

Giannis Kartalis on the new climate between Turks and Greeks

Turkey and Greece are cautiously drawing closer to each other, but the public mistrust in both countries still poses an obstacle, writes Giannis Kartalis in the left-liberal daily To Vima: "It remains to be seen whether the benevolent attitude of the Turkish government following the mass at the Panagia Sumela Monastery [a mass was held there for the first time in 80 years recently] and the reopening of the Orthodox university in Heybeliada [the seminary on the Turkish island was closed down in 1971] will last. It is at any rate encouraging that unlike with previous events many progressive Turkish journalists are expressing the opinion that [Turkish Prime Minister] Erdoğan should stick to this path. ... The question now is whether there are also journalists in Greece who would openly support the building of a mosque for the many Muslim immigrants living in Athens."

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