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Karpuška, Vytautas

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TV3 - Lithuania | 28/06/2011

Lithuania needs pig farms and high-tech labs

Lithuania's politicians and business experts have repeatedly stressed that the country must focus its economy on the service industry. The news portal Balsas criticises this one-sided attitude concerning economic policy: "Lithuania currently has 3 million inhabitants, of whom between 1.5 and 1.7 million are employable. To become a country with an innovative service sector, a large part of them must work in service-oriented companies. But for that to be the case these companies have to be established in the first place, and at first they would only employ a couple of thousand people. And what sort of services should they offer? Can such businesses bring about an economic miracle? Previous economics ministers whistled quite a different tune. Back then all the talk was of medical tourism, and of Lithuania as a transit country for the flow of goods. With every new minister the focus changes. ... Lithuania's future lies in pig and beef farming, the processing industries and in science and innovation."

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