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Karlović Sabolić, Marina

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Slobodna Dalmacija - Croatia | 17/06/2014

In Croatia crimes help careers

The current mayor of the Croatian city of Vukovar, Želko Sabo, won 36.8 percent of the vote in the second round of the municipal elections on Sunday even though he is currently being investigated on charges of corruption. This is not an isolated case in Croatia, the liberal daily Slobodna Dalmacija laments: "The convicted war criminal Branimir Glavaš pulls strings in Croatia from his refuge in Bosnia and Herzegovina, [the ex economic affairs minister] Radimir Čačić dismantled his former party the HNS from prison and HDZ member Ivica Kirin was elected mayor even though he is under investigation in the biggest bribery trial in the history of Croatian party politics. ... Investigations, trials and even convictions clearly seem to be irrelevant for the voters when they make their decisions about whom to vote for. They give their trust to the person or the ideas he represents. These people emerge from personal scandals unscathed."

Slobodna Dalmacija - Croatia | 26/09/2013

Croatia ends unnecessary dispute with EU

The Croatian government backed down in its dispute with Brussels over the implementation of the EU arrest warrant on Wednesday. Current law is to be changed accordingly by the end of the year. By resisting the legislation Prime Minister Zoran Milanović has unnecessarily brought the country into disrepute, the liberal daily Slobodna Dalmacija complains: "He stubbornly stuck to his refusal even though everyone - the EU Commission, President Josipović, legal advisers and party members - warned that he was making a mistake. He provoked the quarrel even though it was clear from the start that he couldn't win. Croatia was facing EU sanctions and he wasn't able to convince anyone of the reasons for his actions. ... Croatia has gained nothing from the whole affair, but it has lost face. In Europe's eyes we look like a bunch of crooks, like spoilt teenagers who try to trick people as soon as they turn their backs."

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