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Karios, Nektarios

DISI Party Cyprus

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Phileleftheros - Cyprus | 23/09/2008

The suffering of Cypriot farmers

Nektarios Karios, a member of the centre-right Democratic Rally of Cyprus, writes in the Cypriot daily Phileftheros about the plight of the country's farmers: "The farmers ... are currently going through the worst times in modern agricultural history, and the government is doing nothing other than to make them look bad in the eyes of the public. ... The drought, high prices, the food and oil crises ... have hammered away at the farmers. Breaking apart what still remains of the agricultural economy will make the Cypriot market entirely dependent on markets abroad. Furthermore it will destabilise the environment and lower the food quality. ... The EU Commission shows us how we could face up to the problems at hand. Certainly, it recognises the dramatic situation we are in, but it also shows us our own passivity."

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