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Kardos, Gábor

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Mandiner - Hungary | 25/05/2015

Juncker's slap for Orbán hits all of Hungary

At the Eastern Partnership summit last week in Riga European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker greeted Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán with the words "Hello, dictator" and jokingly slapped his face. An outrageous gesture directed at all Hungary, journalist Gábor Kardos writes on the Mandiner blog portal: "What Juncker did to Orbán is an unprecedented insolence in the history of diplomacy. … Dear readers, do you think it's acceptable to injure the prime minister's dignity, regardless of what you think of his politics? … Not to mention the country's dignity. This indignity was a slap in the face for Hungary too, because unfortunately the person who was subjected to it was representing the country in that particular situation. That means that it was also a slap in the face for all Hungarians."

Mandiner - Hungary | 16/04/2015

Far-right Jobbik party is sexy

The far-right Jobbik party has been able to attract voters in Hungary above all thanks to its youthful image, journalist Gábor Kardos writes on the web portal Mandiner: "How to explain the fact that the party has so many inspired, clever young members who don't fit in at all with the stereotype of the dumb Jobbik activist, a loser who blames others for his lack of success: the Jews, the Roma and other scapegoats. Today it is among the young that Jobbik is most popular. … In human communities, the question of where the most attractive and coolest youths go has always been decisive, because those who join them are in the club of winners for life. In the language of marketing that means the coolest commodity is the one that is sexy. And Jobbik simply is sexy."

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