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Karczmarewicz, Stefan

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Polityka Online - Poland | 04/08/2014

Poles' healthy opposition to Putin

Journalists, politicians, celebrities and citizens are using Twitter to appeal to people to eat more apples grown in Poland in the face of the Russian fruit embargo. This protest action is reviving old resistance traditions and is healthy to boot, the left-liberal news portal Polityka Online comments: "Everyone reacts in their own way. Brussels will no doubt offer us compensation. But among our people the spirit of resistance is growing - like in the best times. It has been worked out that the Russian action will come to nothing if every Pole eats an additional 4.5 kilos of apples each year. Domestic consumption would offset the reduction in exports. ... The effects of this mass initiative for apples and against Putin can only be positive. We help our fruit farmers - and that means our economy - and live more healthily."

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