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Karba, Dejan

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Delo - Slovenia | 06/09/2011

Bribery affair a burden on Slovenian ex-prime minister

The corruption trial in the affair over the sale of Finnish Patria armoured personnel carriers started on Monday in Ljubljana. Patria is said to have offered to bribe decision-makers to clinch the 280-million-euro contract. But the former prime minister Janez Janša will get off lightly, the daily Delo suspects: "The Patria affair is coming to a close. It has two aspects: political and legal. On the one hand Janša's lawyers will have to be very clever to divert public attention from the fact that Janša is the first top Slovenian politician to be tried in a criminal court. From a legal point of view, [former finance minister] Jože Zagožen will come under the most fire. There's no getting around the feeling that he may well be 'sacrificed'."

Delo - Slovenia | 06/08/2010

Slovenia ignores dangers in Aghanistan

In the months ahead, Slovenia will send troops to Afghanistan to help train Afghan troops and accompany them in operations in the war zone. The daily paper Delo accuses Defence Minister Ljubica Jelušič of ignoring the danger to Slovenian soldiers in combat: "Surveys have shown that we Slovenians do not support the mission in Afghanistan. ... The notion that the Slovenian army in Afghanistan is to focus mainly on securing the road between Kabul and Herat is just another example of [the defence minister's] populism. And the Slovenian defence policy is merely populist when they say that our soldiers will stay in the regions where they were already. If the politicians are so keen on consensus, why don't they talk about the fact that it could come to the deployment of our troops in the dangerous southern regions?"

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