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Karamitsos, Tasos

Proto Thema, Greece

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Proto Thema - Greece | 10/05/2015

Tsipras playing with Greece's fate

The next round of the EU finance ministers' discussions on the Greek debt crisis begins today. The liberal weekly Proto Thema warns Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras against trying to play the hero: "Tsipras and his party are unfortunately forgetting a basic principle that applies whether you're running a kiosk or a country. If you have debts, and above all if you can't repay them, but you can't live without loans, you're at the mercy of your creditors. And you simply have to make compromises. … We don't need any heroic deeds from the government. … What we need is a consensus to get back on the track we left around a year ago after the European elections. Tsipras' place in history will be determined by what he does from now on. And that history is about Greece's fate."

Proto Thema - Greece | 04/01/2015

Stop the Greek bomb from exploding

The Euro Group has put a precautionary 11-billion-euro credit line at Greece's disposal although the country is seeking to leave the international credit programmes. The liberal weekly Proto Thema fears the Greek state will run out of money in a matter of weeks: "People are taking their money out of the banks for fear of political uncertainty. If the money doesn't run out before the elections, it will certainly run out when Syriza candidate Alexis Tsipras comes to power. In his hands the bomb will explode, so he should do his best to deactivate it. ... The two big parties must not lead Greece into a long succession of elections, because in view of the dramatic situation of the economy that's something the country can hardly withstand. ... The parties should say now that they'll accept the election results, and that they're ready to join forces to build a government that will immediately enter negotiations with the creditors."

Proto Thema - Greece | 22/06/2014

Troika even criticises relations with China

Greece and China signed agreements in the areas of energy, trade, shipping, agriculture and tourism during the state visit of Chinese premier Li Keqiang last week. Media are spreading reports from government circles that the troika creditors oppose this cooperation. This highlights Europe's double standards once more, the liberal weekly Proto Thema comments: "The Chinese premier also visited London a couple of days ago and promised the British investments of 30 billion euros. Did the Europeans go and complain to Prime Minister David Cameron? We shouldn't compare things and countries that are so dissimilar. Because the UK is not subject to and financed by the troika, or in other words the Germans and Americans, who can't abide the Chinese."

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