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Karaliunas, Arunas,

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Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 01/10/2015

Old clunkers better than new VW diesels?

The Lithuanian Ministry of Environment last week commissioned studies to clarify the extent of the damage caused by the VW emission scandal. A joke, the liberal daily Lietuvos rytas scoffs: "For two decades the country has been known as Europe's car graveyard. Now our environmental minister has declared war on polluters. ... He's convinced that Volkswagen's new diesel cars will pollute our environment far more than the 20-year-old wrecks that fill our streets. ... One gets the impression that what the big conservationists prefer is what they see on our roads today: old VW Passats put together using parts from three different cars and engulfed in clouds of smoke, which will in turn stripped down to donate parts to a couple more VW Passats that are just as old."

Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 01/06/2012

Lock up corrupt officials in the golden toilet

Eight former employees of the municipal government in Kaunas are on trial for wasting public money on the construction of a public toilet. The lavatory, now baptised the "golden toilet", cost half a million litai (roughly 150,000 euros). The liberal daily Lietuvos rytas is pleasantly surprised that the officials may even be put behind bars: "Can you put a virtuoso in bureaucratic wheeling and dealing behind bars? What impudence on the part of the prosecution! ... What's more, if the accused are in fact found guilty, the court could actually order them to sit out their sentences in the famous toilet. Sure, there isn't so much room in there, but things are also pretty tight at Pravieniškės [jail near Kaunas]. And Kaunas would have one more site on its list of tourist attractions. But there should also be a sign reading: please do not feed or pet the inmates."

Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 02/02/2012

Ridiculous monuments in Lithuania

Several Lithuanian municipalities have recently launched initiatives for erecting new monuments, a trend the liberal daily Lietuvos Rytas finds highly laughable: "The deputy mayor of Kaunas has demanded that a commemorative plaque for the Ukranian pre-war partisan Jevhen Konovalec be hung in Lithuania's second-largest city. However he doesn't know exactly where Konovalec lived during his stay in Kaunas, or even how he was of any help to the city. Perhaps the deputy mayor simply wants to adorn his house with a pretty plaque? And there are even more original attempts to render eternal the memory of famous personalities in Lithuania. ... Be that as it may, the city of Rokiskis has outdone all the others. The mayor of this provincial town has decided to erect a monument to John Lennon, the co-founder of the legendary music group The Beatles. Because to his mind the name of the town [Rokiskis] is intimately connected with rock music ['Rokas' in Lithuanian]."

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