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Karakousis, Antonis

Greece, To Vima

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1.  To Vima Online - Greece | 25/01/2015

A new era for Greece

Alexis Tsipras will revolutionise Greek politics if he can reach an agreement with the troika, the left-liberal daily To Vima predicts: "In that case he'll ... » more

2.  To Vima Online - Greece | 15/10/2014

Greece still needs IMF help after all

The Greek government is negotiating an early exit from the IMF bailout programme, the country's Finance Ministry announced on Monday. The liberal online paper To ... » more

3.  To Vima Online - Greece | 23/07/2013

A better Greece at the end of the tunnel

Greece's budget deficit dropped considerably in the first six months of 2013, according to data presented by the Ministry of Finance on Monday. The left-liberal ... » more

4.  To Vima Online - Greece | 25/04/2013

German model superior in football too

After FC Bayern München, Borussia Dortmund has come out the clear winner of the second German-Spanish duel in the semi-finals of the Uefa Champions League. ... » more

5.  To Vima Online - Greece | 07/04/2013

Antonis Karakousis on the new dogma in the Eurozone

The Cyprus crisis has made it clear that a new dogma has taken hold in Europe according to which everyone is responsible for their own ... » more

6.  To Vima Online - Greece | 21/02/2013

Greeks want to rebuild rather than protest

With the first general strike since the start of the year, thousands of Greeks once again protested against cuts and layoffs on Wednesday. But not ... » more

7.  To Vima Online - Greece | 08/11/2012

Give Greece money now

The Greek parliament approved a new austerity package totalling 13.5 billion euros on Wednesday evening. The vote was regarded as a pre-requisite for the crisis-stricken ... » more

8.  To Vima Online - Greece | 26/08/2012

Samaras must convince opponents at home

During his visits to Berlin on Friday and Paris on Saturday the Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras managed to win his European partners over to ... » more

9.  To Vima Online - Greece | 19/07/2012

Threat of escalation between Iran and Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Iran of being responsible for the attack on a tourist bus in Bulgaria on Wednesday which left several ... » more

10.  To Vima Online - Greece | 25/06/2012

New government in Greece feeble

The new Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and his finance minister Vasilios Rapanos won't be taking part in the EU summit at the end of ... » more


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