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Karagiannis, Takis, Greece

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2 articles of this author have been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Greece | 11/11/2015

Syriza represents people and not politicians

The leftist Syriza party in Greece has called on the people to participate in today's general strike called by the unions in protest at the creditors' demand that the Syriza-led government push through cuts in exchange for the third bailout programme. The liberal website Protagon praises the party's initiative: "Syriza is rightly calling on the people to participate in the demonstration. As institutions, parties and governments have separate functions. The business of a party should have nothing to do with that of the government. The party should monitor the government, and its functionaries should side with the people rather than serving the ministers. The role of a party functionary is to fight alongside the people who take to the streets and to call on others to do the same." - Greece | 27/03/2014

Private military firms operating in Europe

According to media reports, the US private security and military firm Greystone Limited has been put in charge of containing the unrest in eastern regions of Ukraine. The web portal Protagon sees cause for concern: "A company like that functions like a football academy. It recruits former military officers, trains them and and hires them out. A service that brings war machines into hotspots using the instruments of modern marketing. ... Military companies like Greystone and Blackwater basically transform political grey zones into 'peaceful', commercially useful locations. Peace through 'war', development through carefully-planned operative measures involving weapons and uniforms. ... Anyone who says something like that only happens in Africa or the Middle East is gravely mistaken. Or is Ukraine not part of Europe?"

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