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Karadzhov, Maxim

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Trud - Bulgaria | 18/01/2012

Maxim Karadzhov hopes returning Bulgarians will bring progress

Around a million Bulgarians have left their country in search of a better life in the West since the collapse of communism. Now the time has come for the children who have returned to redesign their home country, as happened in Turkey, writes columnist Maxim Karadzhov in the daily Trud: "The Bulgarian in Bulgaria has difficulties motivating himself to work and prefers to take on low-paid jobs just to sweat less. That way he has plenty of energy for his favourite pastime during supper: trashing everything Bulgarian. But one or two years abroad can change this prototype beyond recognition. ... Once he returns no one can get him to stop working. He wants to be busy all day long and demands decent pay. But the most peculiar metamorphosis pertains to his hobby. Even the most passionate hater of his home country suddenly discovers his love for it and begins to learn its traditional dances. These are the people on whom our hopes rest. Or to be more precise, their children and grandchildren who have grown up in the West and will one day return to create a new Bulgaria, just as has happened in Turkey."

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