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Karadzhov, Maksim

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Trud - Bulgaria | 06/02/2011

Border blockade reveals Athens' double standard

Greek farmers plan to blockade the border to neighbouring Bulgaria soon in a move to force the Greek government to lower petrol prices. During a similar blockade in 2010 Bulgaria suffered losses of around three million euros per day, writes the daily Trud. This year with the world cup ski race in the southern Bulgarian location of Bansko the local economy could incur even greater losses, the paper fears: "Retail dealers in the region are hoping to profit from the arrival of thousands of ski fans from Greece. But Athens has precious little interest in the farmers' protests, especially as they will have practically no impact at all on the Greek economy. But what if the blockade were to take place in the summer, when the flow of tourists from Bulgaria and Romania feed the entire north of the country? The Achilles of Athens would instantly unleash its destructive anger on the blockade."

Trud - Bulgaria | 08/08/2010

Potholes cost lives in Bulgaria

A Bulgarian court has found the state agency for road infrastructure guilty of causing the death of a child in a car accident, due to bad roads. The affected family will receive damages worth 80,000 euros. The decision may well set a precedent, suggests the daily newspaper Trud: "The decisiveness of the Plovdiv District Court, and the insistence of the affected family that the guilty be punished, will help all of us. This is probably the first pothole that will actually cost Bulgaria money, instead of saving money. Hopefully, this decision by the Plovdiv judges will encourage their colleagues to punish uncompromisingly the negligence and fraud in the ranks of those responsible for street maintenance! It is the only way to really save lives."

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