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Karaalioğlu, Mustafa

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Star - Turkey | 16/06/2014

The price of Turkey's active foreign policy

The terror organisation Isil has been holding 49 employees of the Turkish consulate in Mosul hostage since Wednesday. In the meantime the Turkish government has come under fire for not doing enough to protect its citizens in Iraq. The pro-government daily Star sees no grounds for such accusations: "For some time Turkey has countered the wait-and-see attitude of the US and Europe with a more active foreign policy that takes risks and exploits opportunities, and is expanding its room for manoeuvre in the Middle East and Africa. And that's important. For example it would have been very old school for Turkey to remain neutral in the conflict between the Iraqi central government and Kurdish northern Iraq. The new style focused on taking risks without waiting around and on tapping into the region's oil supplies. ... But this new style can mean stepping on the toes of the players in the region. Or unpredictable security problems can arise, such as we are now seeing with the hostage taking of consular employees in Mosul."

Star - Turkey | 31/03/2014

Democracy wins in Turkey's local elections

According to the votes counted so far the governing party AKP has achieved a major victory in local elections in Turkey, gaining 44 percent of the vote - its best ever result in local elections. The pro-government daily Star celebrates this as a triumph for the Turkish people: "There has been one unchanging experience in our political history: whenever society experiences a coup or feels one coming, it does what it takes to stop it. March 30th will go down as such a day in history. Turkey has shown the world that democracy can ward off a putsch. ... Millions of people have buried Gülen and his group's dreams of a coup. ... Thanks to his political skills, Erdoğan has scored an unprecedented election victory. ... Millions have voted against recordings, false scenarios and black propaganda and in favour of the yesterday, today and tomorrow of their country."

Star - Turkey | 19/02/2014

Intolerable discrimination against religious Turks

During the Gezi protests in the summer of 2013, an alleged attack by demonstrators on a woman wearing a headscarf and her baby caused an outcry in Turkey. Prime Minister Erdoğan also repeatedly denounced the incident at the time. Then last week the television station Kanal D broadcast video footage from a surveillance camera which apparently shows that the woman was not attacked at all. The pro-government daily Star doesn't find the video very convincing: "The images published were certainly not taken at the time of the attack. The woman has now - nine months later - repeated her statement about the attack word for word. Nevertheless the Gezi-Gülen-Ergenekon alliance has heralded the images in the media with great satisfaction. Once again the immaculate honour of a young woman and her baby has been attacked. And this attack is just one example among many. ... In Turkey an intolerable discrimination against visible signs of religious belief that borders on fascism is manifest in all areas of society."

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