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Karaabova, Emilia

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Trud - Bulgaria | 19/02/2012

Hospital in Sofia ripping off relatives

At Bulgaria's largest hospital for emergency treatment, the Pirogov hospital in Sofia, visitors who want to stay and watch over family members must pay a fee of approximately 7.50 euros per day. This fee covers the cost of water consumption, toilet use, heating, and recharging of mobile phones. The daily Trud is appalled: "This is a disgrace. It can't be called anything else when hospitals blackmail the parents of a sick child to recoup the cost of them recharging their mobile phones. Even though they are  forced to stand next to the patient's bed, or at best huddle up on a small chair while the cockroaches crawl past. Looking at the hospital price lists you wonder why they haven't yet come up with the idea of charging for the air the parents breathe or the daylight coming through the window, or the luxury of being able to look through a window at all."

Trud - Bulgaria | 12/02/2012

Centre of the Universe as economic factor

After several years of debate the Bulgarian city of Stara Zagora has declared itself the Centre of the Universe in a bid to attract tourists and investors. The daily Trud supports this unusual idea: "It may seem exaggerated and crazy, but before we dismiss it we should take a look at how the rest of the world deals with such ideas. Argentina calls itself 'The End of the World' and Portugal holds a patent on the 'End of Europe'. … So what's wrong with Stara Zagora declaring itself the Centre of the Universe? Nothing. At any rate not before the scientists officially prove the contrary. One thing is for sure: Stara Zagora can make money with the idea. As the Centre of the Universe the 8,000-year-old city could finally arouse tourists' interest. Even if they only come for lunch it would still boost the economy." 

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