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Kapplani, Gazmend

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Blog Gazikapplani - Greece | 15/11/2012

Greek policy paves way for neo-Nazis

The Greek Constitutional Court declared a citizenship law that was approved by the socialist government in 2010 unconstitutional on Tuesday. Under the law second-generation immigrants whose parents had been living legally in Greece for at least five years can apply for Greek citizenship. The Albanian-born columnist Gazmend Kapllani criticises in his blog that Greek policies are promoting the ideology of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn: "With his decision the council of state has ratified the 'philosophy of the modern national bankruptcy'. The social and constitutional model he proposes is officially that of Apartheid. So why are we surprised to see that Golden Dawn has gained so much support and is massacring people on the street? … In a country where children are taught that you cannot be Greek if you are not born to Greek parents, and where this is anchored in the country's constitution, it's only natural that in times of crisis Golden Dawn's ideology about the 'purity of the race' is gaining ever more supporters."

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