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Kapopoulos, Giorgos

Imerisia, Greece

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1.  Ethnos - Greece | 12/10/2015

Erdoğan's bid for freedom

The attack in Ankara shows the extent to which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has manoeuvred himself into a corner in foreign policy and domestic ... » more

2.  Imerisia - Greece | 15/01/2014

For Giorgos Kapopoulos, the West has given up on the Islamic world

Despite the tense situation in Egypt, Syria and Turkey, the EU and the US are simply looking on impassively, columnist Giorgos Kapopoulos surmises in the ... » more

3.  Ethnos - Greece | 19/12/2013

Erdoğan facing end of his political career

Following the arrest of high-ranking functionaries close to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on suspicions of corruption, several Istanbul police chiefs have now been ... » more

4.  Ethnos - Greece | 14/10/2013

Angela Merkel gives Marine Le Pen a boost

Marine Le Pen and the Front National have among other things Germany's defamation of France to thank for their success, the left-liberal daily To Ethnos ... » more

5.  Imerisia - Greece | 04/07/2013

Merkel cheats in fight against job scarcity

At the Berlin summit on youth unemployment the EU's leading politicians stressed on Wednesday that they want to tackle this problem together. For the business ... » more

6.  Imerisia - Greece | 30/04/2013

France puts its military power at risk

According to the White Paper on Defence Policy, the French army must tighten its belt. With these cuts France and Britain could lose their status ... » more

7.  Imerisia - Greece | 15/04/2013

Berlusconi makes Berlin sweat once again

In the event of fresh elections, the alliance led by Italy's ex-prime minister Silvio Berlusconi would claim around a third of the votes and emerge ... » more

8.  Imerisia - Greece | 10/09/2012

ECB averts danger of Grexit for now

Greece's prospects suddenly look much brighter after the ECB's decision to purchase government bonds, business paper Imerisia writes: "The intervention by ECB head Mario Draghi ... » more

9.  Imerisia - Greece | 09/08/2012

Berlin's crisis policy set to change

In the Monday edition of the German newspaper Berliner Zeitung the leader of Germany's opposition Social Democratic Party, Sigmar Gabriel, voiced support for the idea ... » more


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