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Kaplani, Gazmend, Greece

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2 articles of this author have been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Greece | 27/02/2013

Success of populists death-blow for Europe

The election success of Berlusconi and Grillo represents a victory for populism in Italy but it will be the death-blow for Europe, the web portal Protagon predicts: "Politically, what happened yesterday in the Italian elections was the rebellion of one of the worse forms of populism against the worst form of globalisation: the ideology of extreme neo-liberalism. ... The united Europe as we knew it died in Italy. From now on it will either develop into a United States of Europe or we will witness the macabre ritual of the burial of Europe over the next few years. ... Those who are celebrating [the success of Berlusconi and Grillo and the defeat of current Prime Minister Monti] will soon pay the price of their error: the burial will perhaps start here, and perhaps it has already begun. Only if a United States of Europe emerges will Europe have a chance of surviving."

Ta Nea - Greece | 21/09/2010

Battle among immigrants in Greece

Albanian immigrants who have been living in Greece for several years frequently make racist comments about Asian immigrants, and there are suspicions that Albanians were recently involved in racist attacks against Afghan refugees in Athens. The Albanian columnist Gazmend Kaplani examines the reasons behind this attitude in the left-liberal daily Ta Nea: "Racism is probably like food that has gone bad and poisons the organism. Those who have eaten it tend to vomit all over other people - those who differ from them and are weaker. And while they vomit they say to themselves: 'We were different. We weren't like these people.' To avoid this you have to work hard on yourself and remember your own past. ... The more insecure you feel, the lower you find yourself in society and the more you look for someone to use as a scapegoat. And the more vulnerable you are to racist and fascist ideas."

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