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Kaplan, Hilal

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Sabah - Turkey | 28/10/2015

HDP completely dishonourable

The deputy chairman of the pro-Kurdish HDP, Selahattin Demirtaş, announced last week that his party would be willing to form a coalition with the ruling AK party or the Kemalist CHP after the Turkish elections on Sunday. Yet after the Ankara attack Demirtaş had insulted the AK party calling it a murderer, the pro-government daily Sabah points out: "Either Demirtaş is a liar and the AK party is not a bunch of murderers and [President] Erdoğan is not a dictator, or Demirtaş is so lacking in honour that he is willing to reconcile with 'murderers, rogues and scoundrels'. Nothing else lies behind these two statements made within ten days of each other. … The AK party has been declared by you [the HDP] as terrorist, yet this party initiated the peace process and gave you a place on the political field despite [your close ties to the Kurdish underground organisation] PKK. … And when the PKK began killing people again you stood up to topple Erdoğan with a 'revolutionary popular struggle'."

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