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Kaniewski, Andrzej

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Fakt - Poland | 20/05/2009

Outrage at Der Spiegel's title story

Andrzej Kaniewski fumes in the Polish tabloid Fakt over the German weekly Der Spiegel. In this week's title story, the news magazine portrays different nationalities that aided and abetted the Holocaust. According to the magazine, some Poles also lent their support to Adolf Hitler and facilitated the mass murder of the Jews: "A scandalous article in the weekly magazine Der Spiegel. This is a brazen transferral of the guilt for six million murdered Jews onto the shoulders of the Poles. Such articles belong in the dustbin, not in a magazine read and quoted by millions of Germans throughout the world! ... These historical illiterates wash the Germans white as snow in the latest issue of their magazine, and attempt to give the Poles partial responsibility for the extermination of the Jews in World War II."

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