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Kampourakis, Dimitris (Greece)

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To Vima Online - Greece | 04/12/2012

Greek socialists have had their day

Andreas Loverdos, a former Greek health minister and previously a member of the socialist Pasok Party, on Monday founded the new political movement Rikssy. The left-liberal online paper To Vima writes that the new party has nothing to offer the people because the aims of its politicians ignore the needs of Greek society: "Unfortunately this step made by Loverdos highlights the political and personal impasse the Pasok politicians have got themselves into since [former prime minister] Kostas Simitis gave up the leadership of the party. Most of them are driven solely by their personal fight for political survival, which makes their decisions unreliable and in most cases irrelevant for the citizens. Under the current political, economic and social circumstances it would be more appropriate to withdraw from politics altogether. Their irrelevant decisions only compromise them further and do nothing to help the citizens."

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