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Kampfner, John

Adviser to the Global Network Initiative, which brings together technology companies and civil society to address human rights issues

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The Guardian - United Kingdom | 14/07/2013

Radical unionists feel marginalised

Serious clashes between Protestants and police officers flared up again in the Northern Irish city of Belfast on Sunday night. The rioting was triggered by a ban against an Orange Order parade through a street in northern Belfast. The left-liberal daily The Guardian sees radical unionists increasingly as the losers of the peace process: "Yet in the 15 years since the Good Friday agreement, the new establishment has become so successful that those who do not support the principles underlying it feel more marginalised now than ever. That means those unionists who have not benefited from, or claim not to have benefited from, the new-look Northern Ireland. ... That poses a grave danger because if people feel they have nothing to lose, that they have gained little from 'peace', they will lash out."

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