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Kamış, Mehmet

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Zaman - Turkey | 16/10/2013

Football must also respect Muslim celebrations

Numerous qualification matches for the 2014 Fifa World Cup took place on Tuesday, coinciding with the day on which the Muslim Feast of the Sacrifice, the most important Muslim religious holiday, is celebrated. By contrast Christian holidays like Christmas are taken into account in the planning of major sports events, the conservative-Islamic daily Zaman comments, and calls for better lobby work on the part of Muslim associations: "Like many other matters, this state of affairs also reflects the fact that we haven't developed sufficiently friendly relations with Europe. In these times Muslims must chart a modern course based on understanding. That would make it easier to solve problems as they arise and ensure that a result is reached. But it would also open the door for a genuine understanding of Islam on the part of Europeans. We should stop talking to the West with an angry voice that tells them how they should behave. That is clearly the wrong strategy."

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