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Kalokerinos, Alexis

Editor, TA NEA, Greece

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Ta Nea - Greece | 24/08/2009

Greeks must demand protection from natural disasters

Since last Friday forest fires north of Athens have destroyed more than 150,000 hectares of land and driven hundreds of people from their homes. Two years ago almost 70 people died in similar fires. The left-leaning daily Ta Nea calls on the state to take action: "The anarchic construction of houses is a fact that can't be changed. But even in such an 'abused' environment it's possible to take basic precautionary measures such as rubbish removal and properly planned deforestation. Nonetheless we simply can't give up our habit of hiding our rubbish in the forests. Deforestation and cleaning remain suspended in a vacuum of responsibility between prefectures, town halls and state authorities. It's always someone else who is to blame for what goes wrong, and in the end no one assumes responsibility. … Protection against natural disasters won't appear from nowhere. We must demand it from those who are capable of providing it."

Ta Nea - Greece | 05/11/2008

A new image of America

"Obama's victory has changed our image of America", writes the daily Ta Nea. "The impossible has happened. ... Obama's method has changed our view of politics, and this will have a profound influence on the fight for political power in every democratic country."

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