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Kalogeropoulos, Léonidas

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Le Figaro - France | 14/09/2011

French politicians unpatriotic

On October 9 the primaries of the French Socialist Party will take place to determine the candidate for the presidential elections in 2012. Léonidas Kalogeropoulos, vice-president of the business ethics NGO Ethic, writes in the conservative daily Le Figaro that politicians should show more patriotism: "Countless politicians talk about France as 'this nation' when discussing its weaknesses and its strengths. ... This overly-objective, distanced manner our country's elites have of referring to France conveys the distinct impression that they harbour a sovereign disdain for our country. ... Whether on the Left or the Right, each electoral team and candidate will propose different solutions for our country to surmount the challenges confronting it. But above and beyond that, they should do it in the name of 'their', indeed of 'our' country. In this way they would revitalise in these weeks of democratic activity the sense of belonging that is ultimately the sole veritable embodiment of the nation."

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