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Kalmár, Szilárd

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Kettős Mérce - Hungary | 04/08/2015

Not all Hungarians hate refugees

Regardless of the anti-immigration stance of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's nationalist-conservative government many Hungarians are doing their best to help the refugees, writes Szilárd Kalmár on the blog portal Kettős Mérce: "The government has received the refugees with xenophobic, rabble-rousing posters. … The hate campaign by the government and the radical right has been an obstacle to charitable aid in Hungary from the outset. Yet thousands of people have rushed to help the growing numbers of refugees in Budapest and the southern states. … Clearly a significant part of Hungarian society is taking a very different approach to that of the government. All in all, it seems, we can feel proud that refugees in need across the country have received help. After travelling several thousands of kilometres the majority of refugees now stranded in Hungary are getting a sense of the 'European spirit' they came in search of."

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