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Kallas, Karol

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Eesti Päevaleht - Estonia | 11/01/2010

Estonians suffer under high prices

Despite low wages In Estonia many products cost more there than in the rest of Europe. The daily Eesti Päevaleht asks why: "The problem starts with the fact that from a global perspective Estonia has barely as many inhabitants as a big city district. So it's hardly worth it for international companies to tailor products to Estonian needs. The result is that import prices here are high compared with other parts of the world. In addition the big international chains have segregated the market in recent years. The top slot is occupied by the US, where prices are low, while customers in Europe and Japan are considered 'cash cows' and charged around ten percent more. In Europe the Nordic countries are expensive even by European standards, and Estonian consumers really feel the consequences because their import companies are all owned by Scandinavian firms."

Delfi - Estonia | 25/08/2008

Angela Merkel in Tallinn

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit the Estonian capital of Tallinn tomorrow as part of her tour of the countries of Scandinavia and the Baltic region. Against the backdrop of the Caucasus conflict and the construction of the Baltic Sea pipeline the news portal Delfi takes a critical view of her visit. "The war in Georgia has put Merkel in an awkward position, because the original intention of her visit was to soothe tensions in the dispute over the 'Nord Stream' Baltic gas pipeline. From a German point of view the energy imports from Russia are extremely important and above all provide a convenient solution because they mean Germany need not invest so much in research and use of renewable energies. Unfortunately, this also has an impact on foreign policy. A couple of leaders of European states have denounced Moscow for what has happened in Georgia and Merkel criticised Russia's conduct, but because of its economic interests Germany continues to be more cautious in its censorship of Russia than other European states."

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