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Kalinova, Tanya

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Novinar - Bulgaria | 24/09/2015

Embarassing start to Tsipras's second term

Just a few hours after Alexis Tsipras was sworn in as Greek prime minister on Wednesday the deputy minister of infrastructure Dimitris Kammenos tended his resignation. He had come under fire for comparing the creditors' austerity demands with Auschwitz on Facebook. Why did Tsipras appoint Kammennos to his cabinet in the first place? the daily newspaper Novinar wonders: "Although he was only a deputy minister it makes you doubt that the new Greek government is competent and capable of saving Athens from economic collapse. Is Tsipras really capable of correcting the mistakes of his first term in office, as he promised voters he would do, or will he mess up once again? There is too much at stake for the Greek people for the government to make any careless mistakes. The huge debt burden and the floundering banks mean the ship is still in danger of sinking."

Novinar - Bulgaria | 17/10/2013

Bulgarians don't care about waste separation

By 2020, fifty percent of the refuse generated in the European Union is to be recycled. But whereas countries like Germany and Austria have already implemented the EU's recycling quotas, Bulgaria still has a long way to go, the daily Novinar comments: "In a country where many people don't even consider it necessary to throw refuse in a rubbish bin, separating waste into four different containers threatens to become the butt of endless jokes. ... But please don't get upset at the state on the grounds that it does nothing to promote recycling if you yourself don't pitch in. Waste separation doesn't only depend on the state and the municipalities, but also on each and every one of us. So we have the choice: either we do nothing or we roll up our sleeves and try to convince our fellow citizens to do their bit. If that doesn't work, the EU could inject some motivation with a few economic sanctions. But for now everything depends on us."

Novinar - Bulgaria | 06/02/2013

The idea of Europe no longer a uniting force

The EU heads of state and government were unable to reach an agreement on the next budget at the summit meeting in November. The daily Novinar sees no reason why it should work out now: "When you think about how entrenched the positions are on the eve of the summit, it's clear that participants will once again be fighting for their own interests. The idea of a united Europe as a driving force in the negotiations is increasingly being put on the back burner. And as the member states go at each other's throats over bagatelles, the EU is already being overtaken by other regions that were considered economically weak only a few years ago. What the tug of war in Brussels will lead to remains to be seen: the rope breaking, the small and weak members just throwing in the towel or a new formula emerging that will bring the EU forward in the next seven years."

Novinar - Bulgaria | 12/04/2012

Bulgarians selling their children

The Italian police smashed a baby trafficking ring from Bulgaria last week. Bulgarian women have systematically been brought to Naples to give birth to their children there, which were then sold for up to 20,000 euros. For columnist Tanya Kalinova of the daily Novinar this is a deplorable sign of the materialism of our times: "I was already shocked to read that a Chinese man had sold one of his kidneys to buy himself an iPhone and an iPad. But I can accept that because every individual has the right to do what he wants with his own body. But the coldness it must take to sell one's own baby subverts my whole system of values. I naively believed that people were created to be loved and objects were produced to be used. However one of the great ills of our time is that on the contrary people are used and objects are loved."

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