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Kaldoja, Evelyn

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Postimees - Estonia | 12/06/2014

Anti-Juncker trio more perilous than populists

The prime ministers of the UK, Sweden and the Netherlands continue to oppose Jean-Claude Juncker as next Commission president. The liberal daily Postimees is appalled at this behaviour: "Angela Merkel was indisputably in favour of the transparent and democratic game when she set off for Sweden on Monday evening to meet Reinfeldt and his British and Dutch colleagues, David Cameron und Mark Rutte. But she faced a stubborn trio. While Reinfeldt should have been on Merkel's side after Dublin [where Juncker was nominated by the European conservatives], the bitterness of the other two is understandable. The British Conservatives sidelined themselves five years ago when they left the conservative fraction and joined the populists in their incessant complaining about the EU. The trio at the Swedish summit seems to pose a greater threat of extremism than all the senseless extremists, from Le Pen to the Golden Dawn party."

Postimees - Estonia | 02/07/2008

Slovenia's inconspicuous EU presidency

The Estonian daily Postimees takes stock of Slovenia's EU Council presidency: "It is quite remarkable that the first presidency of a new EU member state ended on Monday without anyone having made any particular mention of it. Thanks to the name 'Treaty of Lisbon', the Portuguese presidency that came before Slovenia's is still present in people's minds. And France began its presidency yesterday with such a commotion that no one could overlook it. But even though Ljubljana's presidency went largely unnoticed, it can at least be relieved that it did not attract any negative attention either. All the criticism is currently directed against Ireland and its No to the Lisbon treaty."

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