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Kainrath, Verena

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Der Standard - Austria | 04/06/2012

Women are the losers of Schlecker insolvency

The insolvent German drugstore chain Schlecker is to be broken up, and the stores in Austria are also to be sold off. It was right not to save Schlecker but the fate of the company's many female employees is regrettable, writes the left-liberal daily Der Standard: "It's impossible to understand why major business mistakes should be rewarded with tax money. Breaking up a company is the most brutal instrument in the business world. It strengthens those competitors whose market position is intolerable even now. But it also prevents salaries in the sector from being pushed down even further. The chances of keeping the chain above water in Austria are small, and women are the biggest losers. They kept stores running, mostly single-handedly. Businesses should think about them before they start complaining once again about the lack of young workers. The fact is, however, that there simply aren't enough adequate jobs in the countryside. Many former Schlecker employees will have to relocate to the suburbs where there are better chances of finding jobs."

Der Standard - Austria | 28/05/2008

Spilled milk

Following the milk delivery strike in Germany, the Austrian daily comments on the plans of Austrian milk farmers for a strike. "Farmers generally are not big earners. Nonetheless, they must ask themselves whether a strike ... like that of their German colleagues ... is the right way to draw attention to their dwindling profit margins. ... When annoyed customers are faced with almost empty fresh milk shelves at supermarkets, they will not be thinking of the fate of farmers trapped between higher energy prices that push up prices for dung and animal feed and calculating chain stores. ... The result of this kind of action will only cause further damage to the farmers' image, because in view of heavy subsidies for agriculture, city dwellers have little sympathy for the farmers' plight. A boycott of this nature would quite literally be spilled milk."

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