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Kadritzke, Niels

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Nachdenkseiten - Germany | 25/03/2015

Prime minister must teach Greeks self-criticism

The Greek prime minister said during his visit to Berlin that "not only others were to blame" for Greece's problems. It is no mere coincidence that Tsipras is confronting his people with the question of their own mistakes now, journalist Niels Kadritzke comments on the blog portal Nachdenkseiten: "Because the government must pass and implement drastic, socially necessary and long overdue reforms very soon, it is obliged to develop a narrative of 'individual responsibility'. … If the Tsipras government wants to reinforce comprehension of the need for this reform programme it must enhance Greek society's ability for self-criticism. … A 'clear and direct' assessment of one's own situation and the homemade problems is a prerequisite for the Syriza government to make the fresh start that the governments of the old, worn-out parties never wanted or managed to make."

Le Monde Diplomatique - Germany | 22/07/2008

The bi-zonal problem on Cyprus

A solution to the crisis on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, which has been divided for 34 years, seems just around the corner: this autumn the Greek and Turkish Cypriots plan to conduct direct negotiations aimed at putting an end to the division. The monthly magazine Le Monde Diplomatique points out that the current political crisis in Turkey leaves little room for finding a solution to the Cyprus problem. "Since [2004] the power struggle between the Kemalist camp and the ruling AKP in Turkey has intensified. This leaves the leadership of the Turkish Cypriots in a precarious position. ... By September ... the most fierce opponents of a Cyprus solution may already have won the upper hand. ... An important question ahead of this next and possibly last round of negotiations is whether the Annan Plan ... which two-thirds of the Turkish Cypriots voted for in 2004, is still the basis for discussion. ... Reaching a settlement regarding the important internal issues in Cyprus will only be possible if [the Cypriot President Mehmet Ali] Talat does not commit himself to ... fulfilling the military's maximum demands. [Cypriot Prime Minister Dimitris] Christofias can only agree to the painful concessions that a compromise ... would entail if they benefit the Turkish Cypriots and not the Turkish army." 

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