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Kadrinkova, Kadrinka

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Tema - Bulgaria | 28/09/2010

Roma fleeing poverty

France's deportations of Roma from Bulgaria and Romania has also focussed attention on the crushing poverty that is the real problem of the two EU newcomers, writes the weekly magazine Tema: "Thanks to Sarkozy the eurocrats have realised that shallow speeches at conferences on Roma integration won't get you very far. Without strategic action the very foundations of united Europe are in danger. Strategies must not only be geared toward improving the lives of the Roma, but also to improving social development as a whole in Bulgaria and Romania, the most backward of the EU states. ... Our dark-skinned compatriots flee the misery at home and seek refuge in orderly Europe. But isn't that what the more educated and law-abiding Bulgarians have long been doing? And isn't there a single cause for this trend, namely crippling poverty and the failure of the state to guarantee its citizens a dignified life?"

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