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Kandimirov, Veselin

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Svobodata - Bulgaria | 08/11/2011

Give abstentions a say in elections

In view of the low voter turnout of 50 percent in the run-off vote for the office of president in Bulgaria the opinion portal Svobodata argues that it should be possible to vote against both candidates in run-off ballots: "This election saw many voters forced to accept a rotten compromise: either not voting and thus supporting one of the two unpopular candidates, or voting for the candidate they consider the lesser evil. In both cases they were not able to voice their political convictions because the electoral system systematically excluded them. It would have been easy to find out how many voters were affected, simply by giving three options in the run-off vote: one for each candidate and a third marked: 'I reject both candidates'. In the event that the last option receives the most votes, the elections must be held again with new candidates because it would mean that the people reject the choice they have been given."

Svobodata - Bulgaria | 14/02/2011

Vesselin Kadimirov sees Bulgaria in mafia's grip

Since the fall of communism in 1989 Bulgarian society has refrained from calling the communist elite and its collaborators to account for the sake of preserving peace. This has allowed the rise of an extremely powerful mafia which poses a threat to society as a whole, blogger Vesselin Kadimirov writes on opinion portal Svobodata: "Recently all observers have reached the same conclusion: Bulgaria is changing from a state with its own mafia into a mafia with its own state. ... The executive and legislative have turned into a lucrative monopolist business. The judiciary is independent only to the extent that no one can force it to condemn someone who pays well. The borderline between police and organised crime has become blurred - gangsters work for the secret services and ministers pass on business deals among gangsters. … The mafia wants to regain control of its state. Therefore I believe the time has come for society to renege on its part of the deal. ... Twenty years of impunity is a high enough price for peaceful transformation."

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