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Kacewicza, Michał

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Newsweek Polska - Poland | 19/02/2014

Ukraine sinks into chaos

The escalation of violence in Ukraine makes it clear that Yanukovych is a dictator of the worst kind, the neutral news magazine Newsweek Polska writes, adding that the situation verges on civil war: "With each passing day he shows that his role models aren't [Belarusian president] Lukashenko or Putin, but the junta in Burma or the dictators of South America. He defends his power at all costs - with the help of a small number of police officers who are aggressive and ruthless. Now he can no longer claim he didn't know the military was shooting with live ammunition. ... Now that the government has sent at least a thousand soldiers ready to use live ammunition to Kiev, the clearing of Maidan can only be a question of hours. But what comes next? This will probably not be the end of the bloodshed. Because now the rioting will no doubt spread to other cities, and Ukraine will sink into chaos."

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