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Kabai Domokos, Lajos

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Blog Bekiáltás - Hungary | 16/02/2015

Putin not to blame for Orbán's policies

Russian President Vladimir Putin is visiting Hungary today, Tuesday. Around a thousand people gathered in Budapest to demonstrate against the visit on Monday evening. Rather than analysing the Orbán system the Russians will no doubt be blamed again for the country's democracy deficit, journalist Lajos Kabai Domokos complains in his blog Bekiáltás: "Let's not forget that Hungary already put out the welcome mat for Russia under Péter Medgyessy (2002-2004) and Ferenc Gyurcsány (2004-2009). ... Instead of examining the political reality in Hungary, we waste all our energy on condemning Putin as the root of all evil and seeing Orbán as his clone. 'It's all Putin's fault! If it wasn't for Putin Viktor Orbán wouldn't be the way he is - he just copies everything his role model does.' This is nothing but self-deception and it won't get us anywhere."

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