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Kaasik, Joosep

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Postimees - Estonia | 04/01/2016

Hate speech a security threat

The liberal-conservative daily Postimees has announced that it will discontinue the anonymous commentary function on its website on February 1. Police officer Joosep Kaasik praises the step in the paper as a sound measure for countering hate speech: "Hatred leads to more hatred, and sooner or later to major changes in society - or even in the world order. Hatred against certain groups of people has resulted in military conflicts and genocides. For that reason people in Europe have been trying to make hate speech subject to legal regulation for years. In Estonia inciting hatred is banned by the constitution. ... Up until last year, however, hardly any use had been made of the articles in the Penal Code regarding the offence of inciting hatred. Now the situation has changed and attention has been brought to weak points which had previously gone unnoticed because the law was so seldom applied."

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