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Jović, Josip

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Slobodna Dalmacija - Croatia | 24/11/2015

Only Muslims become terrorists nowadays

Those who explain terrorism as the result of failed integration are ignoring the facts, the liberal daily Slobodna Dalmacija argues: "This terrorism doesn't only happen in European cities, but also in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Nigeria, Kenya, Mali, Bosnia, etc. ... The terrorists in Paris, London and Madrid are often born, educated and employed in these very cities. What's more, this terrorism is never seen among immigrants from Italy, Croatia, India, Brazil or Portugal, some of whom are integrated and some of whom are not. ... True, not all Muslims are terrorists, but all the terrorists of this new wave of violence are Muslims. You can't deny that this is a war of religion and civilisation on the part of radical Muslims, waged against Christians and other non-Muslims."

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